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Hook & Stag has been providing individuals with premium hunting and fishing apparel since 2015.  A simple idea created by a 23 year old college kid from Texas, John "Will" Fazzino, grew into something more than he could have ever imagined, known today as Hook & Stag.  To the Hook & Stag team, this is more than a brand it is a way of life.  The Original Hook & Stag logo is created by a deer antler and a fishing hook representing our love and passion for hunting and fishing, and all that it has taught us throughout life.  It also represents our passion for wildlife conservation along with conservation of our coastal waters. 

We are thrilled to have you wearing our gear and even more thrilled that you also have a passion for the outdoors just as we do.  At hook & Stag, not only do we strive for quality, comfort, and style, we try everything possible to come up with new and creative ideas for our customers.  Whether you are casting a line, looking down a scope, or going out, we hope you are wearing Hook & Stag with pride! 


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